May 2019

May 2019 Newsletter


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We are pleased to announce our upcoming meetings around the world, where you are invited to share your results, lessons learned, and future plans. We want to hear from you! More information at the links below. 

  • In Situ Analysis HackathonBuilding on our previous software-defined visualization hackathons
    • Hosted by the Texas Advanced Computing Center with local coordination by the Data Science at Scale team at Los Alamos National Laboratory
    • Event date: May 28-30, at the Inn and Spa at Loretto, Santa Fe, NM
    • Register now!
  • IXPUG Workshop at ISC19“Using FPGAs to Accelerate HPC & Data Analytics on Intel-Based Systems" 
    • Workshop (Draft) Agenda now available!
    • Don't forget to REGISTER! 
    • Event date: June 20, 2019





Mark your calendar for the IXPUG Annual Meeting, to be held at CERN, September 24-27, 2019. Details coming soon!


Looking for presentations from our past Workshops, Spring and Fall Meetings, and BOFs? We have updated the Resources page, creating a searchable repository of slides and documents from all of our events.




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Join us for the next Webinar on May 9, at 8am PST:

"Deeply-Pipelined FPGA Clusters Make CNN Training Scalable" 

This talk will introduce a framework, FPDeep, which use a hybrid of model and layer parallelism to configure distributed reconfigurable cluster to train DNNs. This leads to high parallelism and utilization and also minimizes the time features need to be cached while waiting for back-propagation. 

Register through this link.


About IXPUG:

The Intel eXtreme Performance Users Group (IXPUG) is an independent users group whose mission is to provide a forum for the free exchange of information that enhances the usability and efficiency of scientific and technical applications running on High Performance Computing (HPC), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Data Analytics (DA) systems using advanced Intel technologies, e.g. processors and reconfigurable devices, memory subsystems, and high-speed interconnects. IXPUG is administered by representatives of member sites that operate large Intel-based HPC systems.

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