March 2021 Newsletter


March 2021 Newsletter

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Around the globe we are ever-inspired by the research and experiences shared in our IXPUG open-forum events and webinars. Check out the recent replays, podcasts, and more in this issue. Hear and learn through IXPUG’s free exchange of information with leading experts in HPC and AI.



  • Let’s Talk Exascale Code Development: EQSIM Brian Homerding, Argonne National Laboratory and Houjun Tang, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory discuss simulating seismic wave propagation on HPC systems, optimizing code, and tools available to help researchers and developers to prepare their code for Aurora and other exascale systems.
  • A Proving Ground for Open Standards – Andrew Lumsdaine, Chief Scientist at Northwest Institute for Advanced Computing, discusses how parallelism and heterogeneity are hand-in-glove for achieving performance, underscores the value of open standards, and provides ways developers can shape ISO C++, SYCL, DPC++, and oneAPI.
  • At the OpenMP Forefront – Bronis de Supinski, CTO of Livermore Computing at Lawrence Livermore National Lab and Chair of the OpenMP Language Committee, discusses 5.1 and beyond, how the C++ ecosystem is evolving, and why Python in HPC.



  • IXPUG is an independent users group whose mission is to provide a forum for the free exchange of information that enhances the usability and efficiency of scientific and technical applications running on HPC, AI, and data analytics systems using advanced Intel technologies. IXPUG is administered by representatives of member sites that operate large Intel-based HPC systems.
  • Looking for presentations from our past Workshops, Meetings, and BOFs? Check the IXPUG Resources searchable repository of slides and recordings from all of our events.
  • What extreme performance technologies do you want to learn more about in 2021? We want to hear from members! Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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