Lightning Talks & Selected Submission

Lightning Talks

Nambiar, Manoj Performance Optimization of Scientific and Engineering workloads on Xeon/Xeon Phi
Brook, Glenn HPC-BLAST: Scaling the Life Sciences for the Intel Many Integrated Core future
Noack, Matthias Hierarchical Equations of Motion:­ -­What we can learn from OpenCL-
Chow, Edmond Large-Scale Hydrodynamic Brownian Simulations on Intel Xeon Phi
Poulsen, Jacob Weismann Refactoring for Xeon Phi
Luszczek, Piotr MAGMA MIC: HPC Linear Algebra for Intel Xeon Phi

Selected Submissions

Breuer, Alex Accelerated Earthquake Simulations
Deslippe, Jack Lessons Learned From Optimizing Applications on Xeon Phi
Enkovaara, Jussi Python-based software on MIC
Golembiowski, Albert Maximizing parallelization of BLAST: Output Formatting Section (OFS)
Khaldi, Dounia Native Mode-Based Optimizations of Remote Memory Accesses in OpenSHMEM for Intel Xeon Phi
Léger, Raphaël Adapting a solver for bioelectromagnetics to the DEEP-ER architecture
Lehto, Olli-Pekka Experiences with porting to Xeon Phi by CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd.
Lequiniou, Eric RADIOSS Porting on Xeon Phi A Developer’s Perspective
Rajan, Manesh; Doerfler,
Doug; Hammond, Si; Trott,
Christian;Barrett, Richard
Trinity Benchmarks on Xeon Phi (Knights Corner)
Ramos, Sabela; Hoefler, Torsten Programming for Xeon Phi using Cache Line awareness
Romein, John Accelerated Real-Time Processing of Radio Telescope Data
Wende, Florian Enabling Manual Vectorization of Complex Code Patterns in Fortran