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The trifecta of high volumes of data, abundant compute availability on cloud and on-premise, and rapid algorithmic innovations enable data scientists and AI researchers to do fast experiments, prototyping, and model development at an accelerated pace that was never possible before. In this talk, we will touch upon a variety of software packages, libraries, and tools that can also help HPC practitioners push the envelope of applying AI in their application domains and simulations at-scale. We will cover examples and talk about how to create efficient end-to-end AI pipelines with large data sets in-memory, security, and other features through Intel-optimized software packages such as Intel® Distribution of Python, Intel® Optimized Modin, Intel® Optimized Sklearn, and XGBoost, as well as DL Frameworks such as Intel® Optimized Tensorflow and Intel® Optimized PyTorch tuned and enabled with new hardware features and instructions every new CPU generation.

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IXPUG Webinar Series


oneAPI,Modin,Intel® AI Analytics Toolkit,Intel® Distribution of Modin,Scikit-learn,XGBoost,Machine Learning,Census,PLAsTiCC,SigOpt