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This lightning talk presents our work on parallelizing the epidemiological simulation model Episim. Episim combines a large-scale person-centric human mobility model with a mechanistic model of infection and a person-centric disease progression model. Movements of persons, including the intervening activities in which they may interact with others, can be directly taken from data. Episim can be used to evaluate different intervention strategies, such as closing educational facilities, reducing other out-of-home activities, wearing masks, or contact tracing. In general, the parallelization of agent-based models is challenging. Especially when the underlying social network is irregular and dynamic, they require frequent communication between the processing elements. In Episim, however, we were able to take advantage of the fact that people are not contagious on the same day they become infected, and therefore immediate health synchronization is not required.

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IXPUG Mid-Year Workshop 2021


Epidemics,Agent-based modeling,Parallel programming

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