1. John Pennycook
  2. Working Groups
  3. Thursday, 19 January 2017
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The IXPUG Working Groups (WGs) are actively seeking new topics for future WG meetings. Whether you have new results to share with the community, a request to hear more from Intel engineers about a particular new hardware/software feature, or a performance issue you want help in fixing, we want to hear from you!

Working Groups

  • General Optimization & Tuning
  • Vectorization
  • MPI

Suggested Topics

  • New tools focused on Xeon Phi optimization
  • Troublesome/confusing codes and performance problems
  • Preparation for upcoming workshops or conferences
  • New results for applications and libraries
  • New optimizations and algorithms

If you have a suggestion for a new WG, please make a poll in this forum to assess community interest.
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